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Aluminium Dross Processing Equipment

Aluminium Dross Processing Equipment
Aluminium Dross Processing EquipmentAluminium Dross Processing EquipmentAluminium Dross Processing Equipment
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Aluminium dross recycling machinery
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aluminium dross recycling Equipment
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L150 aluminium dross recycling catalogueL150 aluminium dross recycling catalogue

Aluminium Dross Recycling Equipment/aluminium dross processor/aluminium dross separating machinery(L series): 

Can be extracted 95% of its metal from the aluminum dross! 

L type high speed dross recycling equipment which is designed specifically for the aluminium alloys casting emterprises. It has relatively small size and great efficiency, easy to operate and well accepted by the customers.

This is a device which uses the aluminothermics reaction of the alumina (hot dross) to separate the alumina dross and aluminium solution by means of agitation of the blades, and afterwards, the aluminium solution is directed to the steel ingot mould, the dross residue will go to the box. It consists of hot dross pouring mobile pot, dross processor equipped with vertical moving rotating blades, oil pressure cylinder and device which can control the vertical moving, control panel, and spray gun for pre-heating the blades.

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