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Aluminium Dross Recycling Machinery

Aluminium Dross Recycling Machinery
Aluminium Dross Recycling MachineryAluminium Dross Recycling MachineryAluminium Dross Recycling MachineryAluminium Dross Recycling Machinery
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Aluminium dross recycling machinery
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aluminium dross separating machinery
high recovery
high recycle rate
Environmental Protection
Advanced Technology


Aluminium Dross Recycling Equipment/aluminium dross processing machinery/aluminium dross separator(A series): 

Can be extracted 85%-95% of its metal from the aluminum dross! 

Unique Design, Advanced Technology, Easy Operation, Durable Using. Used and validated by many enterprises, this equipment is fault-free and it can use 350 days per year. So industry may do not worry about equipment failure that is affected production. 

Outstanding commercial efficiency, save time and save labour It takes only several minutes to extract aluminium sufficiently from the furnace dross. And the investment cost can be paid back in several months according to the using frequency. Afterwards, the apparatus will create more wealth for you. 

Environment protection The enterprise contributes to the world's environment protection. The high speed dross recycling package adopts cooling unit, classifying unit and dust collecting unit, thus, the maxima amount of dust produced in the smelting process can be sent to the dust collecting unit so that the dust will not drift away to cause pollution and affect the surrounding environment and human beings. 

At the same time, through the classifying device of the equipment, the after-extracted dross residue can be processed to particles of different sizes to make desulfurizer which can be used to make steel and produce heat preservation agent. These saleable products will make extra payback. Residual dross=Extra payback 

All kinds of specifications, composes of different machines, can operate as a complete set or be used separately The enterprises can choose the complete set or the high speed dross recycling equipment itself. This can also achieve the goal of improving the aluminium recovery percentage efficiently, increasing the economic benefit, and protecting the environment.

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A350 aluminium dross recycling catalogA350 aluminium dross recycling catalog